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History of Tennis Works

Tennis Works was originally started in 2000 in Milton Keynes, UK, by John Cavill. It was a small sole trader coaching business that delivered community based coaching to schools, clubs, and public centres. Over the years the company grew to over 10 coaches involved in delivering day to day coaching to over 600 people per week. As the network of venues expanded, so did the need for performance tennis to help those who wanted to go further in the game and in 2005 the Cavill Academy was established to help talented juniors train in a high intensity environment.

As Tennis Works continued to go from strength to strength, John founded a charity called MK Ace Tennis to help access further funding and resources. The charity has enabled the Tennis Works Team to deliver more community based activity to a wider audience of people who may never have had the chance to play the game in the past.

To ensure that Tennis Works continued to grow and develop, opportunity was sought to bring both investment and the right business skills to the Company. In 2010, Tennis Works Limited was born when Melvyn Jones joined as Business Director, whilst John assumed the role of Director of Tennis. Since Melvyn’s involvement, Tennis Works has been re-branded and taken a new strategic plan to position itself as a Tennis Development and Education Resource Company that ‘Inspires tennis excellence’. With the use of modern technology and some innovative ideas, Tennis Works are now able to communicate and share information with thousands of people around the world via, a subscription website, and are the world leaders in introducing Webinars to tennis education.

As part of the Tennis Works programme, a comprehensive schedule of live seminars were organised to bring coaches together to learn and share ideas and through these seminars which are continuing to be a huge success, they are able to capture and create unique content for DVD products and website content.

While Tennis Works Ltd gathers increasing momentum, stature and credibility within the industry, the company continues to attract expert contributors and professional partners to help educate, involve and connect people around the globe to enjoy the wonderful game of tennis.

The Team

John Cavill - Director of Tennis

Melvyn Jones - Business Director

Neil Claxton - Coach and Advisor

Josh Sapwell

Our Joint Venture Partners - TBC

 Tennis Works would not be as effective as it is without the support of a variety of professionals and enthusiasts from a variety of disciplines and professions, well beyond the world of just tennis.

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Our Contributors

 Tennis Works would not be as effective as it is without the support of a variety of professionals and enthusiasts from a variety of disciplines and professions, well beyond the world of just tennis.

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John Cavill - Director of Tennis

John Cavill Director of Tennis at Tennis Works

JOHN is proud to be a co-founder of Tennis Works LTD, an innovative tennis development and educational resources company. Sport has always played a huge part in John’s life, as from a very young age he was heavily committed to playing club football. When John was 10, he would attend a local tennis session once a week on public courts in Aylesbury, which was on a pay and play basis. This was the start of John’s involvement in tennis and a huge reason why he is so passionate about grass roots and community tennis. It was not until John was 14 years before he started to take the game more seriously when he joined a club that was run at another local park. His commitment to the game increased and football took a back seat as he would play every day after school and at weekends. When John had reached 16 years old, the coach who he was working with at the park, moved to Aylesbury Tennis Club and John followed. Over the next 3 years, John enjoyed competing at club level but coaching seemed to be a passion as he took his first coaching qualification at 16 years old in 1994.

After completing his A-Levels at Aylesbury Grammar School, John took a year out to coach full time before moving to Lincoln in 1999 to study an HND in Sports Science and Coaching. He soon became the assistant professional at Lincoln Eastgate Tennis Club and during these years, he worked on Club-School links on behalf of the Lincolnshire LTA whilst during the summers he was the assistant professional at the Oxford Jonathan Markson Tennis Camps. In 1999 he was appointed as the Junior Co-ordinator at David Lloyd in Milton Keynes and in 2000 he started his own coaching business called Tennis Works, as a sole trader. In 2001 the Buckinghamshire Lawn Tennis Association appointed John as the Bucks Mini Tennis Coordinator whilst between 2002 and 2004, John was appointed as Regional Director for the European Registry of Tennis Professionals, which involved delivering coach education courses.

Having developed a large grass roots coaching programme in and around Milton Keynes, UK, he focussed his attentions onto performance tennis. In 2005 the Cavill Academy was established to develop young tennis players in a high intensity and comprehensive programme, ensuring they get the best start to their tennis life. The academy continues to grow and produce junior national level players and who knows, one day these players may go on to have great tennis achievements, but more importantly they have a firm foundation of life skills that will enable them to achieve in any aspect of their lives.

In 2009 John set up MK Ace Tennis, a Milton Keynes based charity that delivers affordable and accessible tennis to schools and public access facilities. The programmes are delivering tennis to over 600 people a week, with more and more people joining every week. There are many benefits people can gain through playing tennis including physical skills, life skills, social skills and self-confidence. Tennis is the medium in which MK Ace Tennis are able to help people to be better and the results are having a huge impact in people’s lives.

Over the years John has excelled in networking and bringing people together to benefit themselves and tennis. This is both on a local and national level, as John has created partnerships with some of the leading coaches and professionals in tennis. Since 2005 John has been organising workshops for local coaches, but as from October 2009 the Tennis Works Seminars were launched with guest speakers presenting to coaches that travelled from far to attend. To take Tennis Works to the next level the business required more expertise and financial assistance and in January 2010, John and Melvyn Jones joined forces to establish Tennis Works Limited, an innovative tennis development and educational resources company.

John is now enjoying life with his young family, working with grass roots tennis and establishing Tennis Works Ltd as a global identity.

Qualifications: LTA CCA Licensed Coach, RPT Europe Level 4, Bollettieri Tennis Academy, International Coaches Programme Level 2.

Melvyn Jones - Business Director

Melvyn Jones - Business Director at Tennis WorksMelvyn is thrilled and excited to be a co-founder of Tennis Works Ltd. Whilst sport has always been a huge and important part of Melvyn’s life, he has never reached the top in any one discipline. He has excelled in many and played at club level in football; tennis and cricket, both in the UK and overseas. Melvyn considers it ironic that he now sees himself so heavily involved in a sporting venture when his ability to participate in actually playing sport is so restricted due to  health constraints. As Melvyn says; ‘I am so lucky to have this opportunity to contribute to Tennis Works within a sport I love, and I am honoured that John invited me to join forces with him on this venture’

Melvyn has had a full and varied career, spanning industry; the public sector: private education and entrepreneurship. Throughout the many disciplines he has worked in, he has always focused on business improvement and making things better, both from a business bottom line, as well as a staff development and welfare perspective. Graduating in Geology from Liverpool University in 1980, he joined an American company and immediately moved to Singapore which saw the start of a decade working within the oil industry, travelling, working and living overseas in various environments. This period of his life was fascinating. Learning to work within so many cultures, often in difficult conditions was a life defining experience shaping his entire approach to doing things right and making things better, no matter what role he was performing.

Seeking a less demanding physical role and intending to put his travelling days behind him he changed careers in 1990 and joined the Royal Mail, entering a specialist programme designed to improve business performance. He quickly rose to a senior management position and contributed to many operational business improvement programmes. In his later time within the Post Office Group he was Head of UK Operations. His position still necessitated much travel (a major reason for leaving his last position); mainly in the UK but also overseas. If the oil industry taught him about people, his time within the postal services market worldwide, taught him about business and the importance of following a process.

Another decade passed and wanting to spend more time with his family and focus more on a local business environment and further his development, he sought another challenge and entered the world of private education working as a Business Manager within an independent school. He also became a joint business owner, establishing a company Fit To Deliver Ltd which focused on business improvement and development, and it is within this environment that he honed his entrepreneurial skills helping other people and businesses along the way.

Health problems have had a major impact on his life in recent years and this, coupled with deteriorating business relationships saw him leave the education sector to focus on regaining his health and his prowess in business, since he is described by his friends as a serial entrepreneur and business improver.

Melvyn has had a love for tennis all his life and although health issues have put paid to his playing days his passion for the sport is still evident in his involvement in the sport. Fit To Deliver have been sponsors of the Cavill Academy since its inception and John has often turned to Melvyn for business advice over the years culminating in them both establishing Tennis Works Limited in 2010.

Melvyn has been married to Margaret since 1982, having met her at university and they have three daughters. Two at university and one still at school. All play various sports at a high and competitive level and whilst the entire family play and participate in tennis, only the youngest plays at club level.


Neil Claxton - Coach and Advisor



Josh Sapwell