Close the gaps

The concept of this drill is to close the gaps to make it harder for your opponents to get the ball past you and you to work as a team with your partner. You need 4 players to run this drill or 3 players and a coach.

  1. TDS-No31aPlayers A and B start at the net and the player C and the coach both start at the baseline.
  2. The pair at the baseline will feed the ball in, but they must change where they stand at the back of the court at the start of every rally.
  3. The net players must reposition themselves depending on where the baseliners are feeding from to ensure they have the same distance between them at all times and no obvious gaps are left for the baseliners to exploit.
  4. During the rally the net players must follow the ball and continually try and keep the distance between each other the same.
  5. TDS-No31bThe next stage is to allow the net players to feed the ball in to ensure the baseliners are positioning themselves with the correct distance between each other.
  6. The drill can then be turned competitive with points. The baseliners feed 2 points, then the net players feed 2 points and then you swap starting positions e.g. the net players become the baseliners and the baseliners become the net players. As an extra incentive, if the baseliners pass the net players then they get 2 points instead of 1.