Heart Waves

'Heart Waves' is a book written by Czech tennis coach, Tomas Ruzicka, that looks into the connection between our heart and our brain. Tennis Works were proud to be the first organisation to enable Tomas to present to an audience around the world via this webinar. 

During the webinar, Tomas explains his understanding and belief on this topic whilst also explaining the focus on the ‘inside-out’ and ‘outside-in’ approach and its application to tennis.

At the end of the presentation, Tomas held an open session to allow coaches and listeners to ask questions.

Tomas Ruzicka - Webinar - Heart waves - the connection between our heart and brain

He started coaching tennis at 16 and is a qualified  teacher. He has focused full time on tennis since he was 26. After working with top juniors in Prague he came to the UK and was Head Coach/Manager of Matchpoint Pro-Tennis in Southampton. While int he UK he has produce numerous national level players and a national champion. He now lives in Czech and runs his own tennis academy called Inbetween Points whilst presenting at coaching conferences and within mentoring schemes.