Using Video Analysis in tennis - Webinar by Nicolas Christiaen

Tennis Works were proud to present the 'Using video analysis in tennis' Webinar in April 2012. Nicolas Christiaen, founder of 'Tennis Video Coach' discusses how to use video analysis to achieve better performance from beginner, advanced & competition players at your club or federation.

Nicolas shows you, through specific examples, how the application of video analysis to your programme can enhance your players development, whether at club level or higher. He takes you through the advantages and pitfalls of using video analysis and offer tips and tricks on how to introduce the methodology immediately.

At the end of 2011, Nicolas (with the support of the Belgian Tennis Federation), launched a new innovative and easy-to-use video analysis software product, called Tennis Video Coach, aimed at tennis coaches all around the world. The software is anticipated to change the way the broad tennis coach market uses video analysis within their tennis courses.

Tennis Works and NC Solutions are also extremely pleased to announce that they are joint venturing on each of our products and services which will enable our subscribers to learn how to utilise the Tennis Video Coach to enhance your coaching and player development.