Creative drills for the return of serve - Webinar by Joe Dinoffer

Joe Dinoffer

Tennis Works are proud to present this Webinar recording entitled ‘Creative drills for the return of serve‘, presented by Joe Dinoffer from Texas, USA. 

‘Returning Serve - the most under-practiced shot in tennis’! During the presentation, Joe discusses the importance of the return of serve and the reasons why this shot must be regularly trained in your sessions. For some reason, we often practice the serve regularly but for as many serves you hit in a game, you make roughly the same number of returns. Coaches, parents and players will discover what is required to make a good return, the elements required to judge the receiving ball, strategies to ensure good tactical decisions and how effective you can be on the return which can ultimately win you matches.

The Webinar covers the following:

  • Understanding serve heights and line of sight.
  • The importance of ball speed and timing.
  • The importance of consistent rituals, decisiveness and targeting for effectively returning serve.
  • Skill building and fun drills.

At the end of the presentation, Joe held an open session to allow coaches and listeners to ask questions.


Joe Dinoffer has had an impressive and extensive "world class" career in professional tennis, fitness and physical education, having conducted workshops and  exhibitions in over 50 countries, personally logging over 30,000 hours of instruction in English, Spanish and German. He is a Master Professional in both the USPTA and PTR, a distinction awarded to only a handful in the tennis industry. Joe also received the prestigious 2006 USPTA Tennis Industry Excellence Award and the 2012 USPTA Texas Division Pro of the Year award.

Joe is the author and editor of 7 books and more than 20 DVDs and regularly writes articles for publications that support his passions. He is also the founder and president of 3 companies,,, and, all dedicated to serving the needs of tennis, fitness and physical education coaches with innovative training aids and educational tools. He lives in Dallas, Texas, with his wife, Monika and their daughter, Kalindi.