Doubles tactics - timing and positioning

Dan Kiernan presented his Webinar live from Sotogrande on the Costa del Sol, Spain on 'Doubles tactics - timing and positioning'. During the webinar Dan shares the secrets of timing and positioning within doubles whether you play doubles down your local club or are flying through the ITF junior ranks. There are certain 'ways' to become a more effective doubles player without hitting a ball, notably the position you take on the court when at the net depending on the situation.

Dan Kiernan

Dan explains how to trick once you have your positioning right and how to master the 'prowl' which will lead into not only being in great positions on the court, but with great timing to covering three quarters of the doubles court, getting inside the heads of your opponents and win more!

Within the presentation Dan covered the following:


  • Net positioning linked to different situations for the server; servers partner, returners partner and one to one back.
  • Outline of what is meant by 'to prowl'.
  • Discussed the timing of getting into the 'right position' on the court and the calculated risks worth taking.
  • Discussed the ways to 'counter' these tricks if you play an experienced doubles player

At the end of the presentation Dan held an open session to allow coaches and listeners to ask questions.

This is a great webinar for both players and coaches.

Dan has been playing tennis since he was 7 years old and at 14 was one of the top juniors in the world. As a junior he won 8 different national championships and the 14 and Under Doubles World Championships, and represented Great Britain in all age groups and  competed in junior grand slam events.

At 18, Dan was the national junior number 1 and was awarded a tennis scholarship to Louisiana State University and during his four years there, he was part of one of the most successful college teams in the USA. Dan achieved a senior national ranking of 5 in doubles and 25 in singles.

After graduating, Dan spent three years travelling the world on the pro tour. During that time he won more than 20 professional singles and doubles titles, and competed at Wimbledon. He was consistently ranked inside the top 15 in Great Britain in singles and the top 700 on the ATP tour. He excelled in  doubles, and as well as being former British doubles number 1, he was ranked inside the top 150 in the world.

Since retiring from the pro tour in 2005, he has coached several young players up to international level in their age groups and in 2009 he captained the Great Britain Under 12's team in the European Nations Cup in Italy. He also continued to compete competitively in the German Bundesliga league, partnering Michael Stich in doubles, and coaching top ATP players during their matches. In May 2010 he set up Soto Tennis  Academy in Spain to create individual and tailored  programmes for his  players specific needs and they now have Grand Slam level players etablished there.

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