Why posture and core stability are crucial to hitting fast, accurate shots consistently - Webinar by Leigh Brandon

Leigh Brandon

Tennis Works are proud to present this Webinar recording entitled ‘Why posture and core stability are crucial to hitting fast, accurate shots consistently’, presented by Leigh Brandon, from London, UK. This presentation is part of the continuing tennis development series by Leigh, who in this episode will discusses the importance of The Flexibility, Stability, Strength Continuum to fast and pain free movement.  

The Webinar covers the following:

  • How to identify poor posture and core stability
  • The dangers of having poor posture and insufficient core stability
  • An understanding of the flexibility/stability/strength/power continuum
  • What can you do to help your players improve performance and avoid injury

At the end of the presentation, Leigh held an open session to allow coaches and listeners to ask questions.

Leigh Brandon has worked in injury rehabilitation and sports conditioning since 1996. Leigh’s business BodyCHEK is based in Regent’s Park, London, where he works with all kinds of athletes, amateur and professional, but specialises mainly in tennis.

Leigh is the author of four fitness books including “The Tennis Biomechanics Manual.” Leigh is also a Faculty member of The CHEK Institute, which is based in San Diego, California. He teaches their advanced training programmes around the world and developed The CHEK Tennis Conditioning Series advanced training programmes, which was launched in California in 2015.