Cavill Academy

Homework for 2nd Feb 2012

Hi Guys,

Hope the session went well with Seb yesterday and that you were able to chat with him about the Aussie Open...I will talk with Seb and see what he says about your observations!

This week I have 1 articles for you to read and one bit of research. Please click on this link to read the article:

I would like you all to come up with one exercise that you feel will help you improve your serve. You can look through the site for ideas. The things you must understand are:

1. What you are tryng to achieve with your serve

2. How the exercise will help you

3. Once you've practiced the exercise you will need to know what still needs work on.

We will spend some time next session doing some of these exercises and I will be asking you the above questions.

See you all soon!

John Cool