Variability - creating turbulence in learning! - Webinar by Jofre Porta

Tennis Works is proud to present this Webinar recording in which Jofre Porta discusses how changing the normal conditions of learning creates ‘turbulences’ for improving the learning experience.

Jofre is the founder of the Global Tennis Team Academy in Mallorca and is internationally renowned for his work with top players, particularly Carlos Moya, Rafael Nadal, Tomeu Salva and Nuria Llagostera, and is a regular speaker for numerous conferences, courses and seminars worldwide.

The Webinar will covers the following:

  • Changing conditions create turbulence to improve learning.
  • The difference and how to use, technical, tactical and mental turbulences.
  • How varying body, tools, rule and work atmosphere parameters can alter the turbulence.
  • How to improve physical and mental reactions.

At the end of the presentation, Jofre held an open session to allow coaches and listeners to ask questions.