Tennis Works Grand Slam Singles League

The Winter 2018-2019 Grand Slam League

Section 1 has now finished and setion 2 has started but you can still sign up for section 3

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 2018/2019 Winter League results

Overall League Winners


1st - 

2nd -

3rd -



AGASSI - Tobi Akinwumi

BJORG - Emily Marshall

CONNORS - Jovan Lalli

DJOKOVIC - Kyle Babbage

EMERSON - Conor Farish

FEDERER - Olivia Cruse

GRAF - Ronit Tailor

HEWITT - Lewis Beake

IVANOVIC - Oyinlola Sobola

JORDAN - Rose Marshall































 Organised competition - Ability-based!

Many successful clubs across the country run regular internal competition and as part of Tennis Works’ objectives we are introducing the Grand Slam Singles League to Stony Stratford Tennis Club for the members! 

The Tennis Works Team have devised a ‘box league’ format and system that will allow the players to compete at their level on a regular basis. The club has shown a large demand for regular singles competition that will enable the players to increase the number of times they can compete whilst improving their LTA rating.

The league winner will be presented with the Grand Slam Singles Winter League Trophy along with awards for those who come second and third. On top of this, every competitor receives 1 month’s free subscription to, discounted balls sales and the winner of each group in each section wins a medal.



The exception to this is the groups that are playing Red Tennis these matches will be played all in one day like a mini matchplay with a referee provided by us. The dates they will play on in each section are: Saturday 3rd November 2018, Saturday 5th January 2019 and Saturday 9th March 2019

‘So what’s the format’?

The players are divided into groups of a maximum of 5 depending on their ability level and NOT their gender or age.  The players will have the contact details of the other competitors to arrange their matches and they are expected to play everyone in their group within a designated time period. Once a match is completed, a result must be entered onto the notice board.

At the end of the section, when all the players have played each other, the following will happen:

  • Those players who finish top of their group will go up into the next group (unless you are already in the top group, then you’ll stay where you are) and the player who takes first place in the group will be presented with a medal.
  • The bottom player will go down a group (unless you are in the bottom group, then you’ll stay where you are).
  • The middle two players will stay in their current group.
  • If a new player joins the league, then Tennis Works have the right to arrange the groups accordingly
  • Some of the bottom groups for Mini Tennis players will use low compression balls and smaller courts.

An overall league table will be displayed on this page. It doesn’t matter whether the player is in the top or bottom group, the total number of points they have will decide where they are placed in the league.

Once all the groups have been reorganised then the next section will begin.

During the Winter League, there will be three sections as follows:

Section 1: October & November 2018

Section 2: December 2018 & January 2019

Section 3: February & March 2019


‘So what’s the cost’?

The cost for registration is £45.00 for the Winter League (3 sections). The league’s income will cover the cost of administration, stationary, medals, trophies and prizes.  At the end of the year, awards will be presented to the top 3 players of the league.

10 Reasons to Join the League!

1. Great Value for Competitive Tennis

2. Players get 3 matches every 2 months

3. All matches that count toward LTA ratings will be processed by the LTA

4. All the draws are done on ability

5. Medals for group winners after each section

6. 1st, 2nd & 3rd place trophy for the end of season winners

7. All matches played at the club, so no long distance travel for competition

8. Compliments the players competitive programme

9. Healthy, fun activity and a chance to meet new players

10. Both Men, Women, Boys and Girls can enter


Scoring and the points system

Matches will be played to the LTA rules and any discrepancies will be decided by Tennis Works. The format used will be the best of 3 full sets. So first to 2 sets wins. A 7-point tie break to be played at 6 games all during the sets with 2 clear points. A 10-point championship tie break can be played at 1 set all instead of a 3rd deciding set if both players agree to this before the match begins. If the match is in compliance with LTA ratings, then the result will be processed with the LTA. YOU DO NOT HAVE TO HAVE A RATING TO PLAY IN THE LEAGUE - IT’S OPEN TO ANYONE.

The points system is as follows:

5 Points – For playing each match

5 Points – For each set won (or championship tie break if played instead of a 3rd set)

e.g. If a player loses 2-1, they will receive 5 points for playing and 5 points for the one set/tie-breaker they won, equalling 10 points.

This system awards people who play all their matches and those that win the most sets, even though they may have lost matches. For unplayed matches there is a 5 point deduction per match.


Organisation and Equipment

When the groups are produced, the contact details of each competitor in the group will be shared with the others. It is the duty of both players to try and contact each other to arrange a match. If the match is not played within the time period, neither player is awarded any points. If one player can demonstrate that they have made reasonable attempts to contact the other player but received no response, then it will be at the discretion of Tennis Works whether a win is awarded or not.

Players are required to have their own racquets, purchase floodlight tokens when required, wear suitable clothing and footwear and bring drinks / food for the day. The players must also provide new tennis balls for each match, which can be purchased at a discounted rate from Tennis Works. Players must discuss who provides the balls at the time of arranging the match. Perhaps a 50/50 split on the price would be the easiest and most convenient way to work this. The matches will be played in accordance with the LTA rules. All players must try and ensure they turn up early so they can get warmed up and ready to play on time.

In the event of bad weather, injury or illness, it is the duty of the players to contact their opponent to cancel the fixture and rearrange. Failure to do so will result in the opponent being rewarded a win. 

The exception to this is the groups that are playing Red Tennis these matches will be played all in one day like a mini matchplay with a referee provided by us. The dates they will play on in each section are: Saturday 3rd November 2018, Saturday 5th January 2019 and Saturday 9th March 2019.


The Groups

The groups will be named after tennis legends and organised in alphabetical order with the top group being “Agassi”, the second being “Bjorg”, the third as “Connors” and so on. This will give greater flexibility to increase the number of groups as more players wish to join.

If a new player wishes to join after the first section has begun, Tennis Works will decide where the player will be placed.  This may result in another player not moving up or down a group in the next section but the group will still have a mix of different players, so they don’t play exactly the same people in each section.


‘So how do we apply?’

You must answer ‘YES’ to the following questions before entering the league:

1. Are you happy to play by the rules and conditions set by the league?

2. Can you commit to playing 9 matches over the 6 month period?

3. Do you have an email account that is checked regularly?

4. Are you a member of Stony Stratford Tennis Club?

Once you have answered yes to everything, then please complete the form below: