New Appointment FAQ

The appointment of the new Director of Tennis role at Stony Stratford Tennis Club is one that is an exciting step for the club as a whole. This webpage has been created to answer any questions concerning the new role, so everyone is kept informed.

Message from John Cavill, SSLTC Director of Tennis

Firstly I would like to thank all the members of the club who have contacted me since my appointment, as it's very important that I communicate and answer any questions they may have.

Below are some of the questions they have had along with my honest and open response. The club have set a clear directive of what they would like me to deliver and this ensures that there will be no impact on the current club activity.

I welcome all your questions and please contact me at or on 07976 205531 if none of the questions below have answered your specific questions.



Why are the summer camps running at the club?

CAMPS ALWAYS RAN BEFORE - The summer camps have been very successful for Tennis Works in the past at public centres, which is one of the reasons we would like to bring some camps to the club to attract more juniors and family memberships.

Have the premises to be used for the camps been properly assessed as suitable for use by large numbers of children, again with special reference to the younger age group and how many children, in each group, do you plan to teach?

The mini tennis (ages 5 to 10) will run on the 2 hard courts. We are able to create mini courts and facilitate up to 24 children in this area. On the 2 astro courts we will be able to facilitate up to 12 juniors (ages 11-16) as some will be playing tennis and others doing off court physical activities, which ensures the 2 courts used are maximised.

Will there be a sufficient ratio of responsible adults to the number of children, especially the younger ones, to comply with government regulations?

Yes. We operate at 6:1 for the mini tennis (5-10 year olds) and 8:1 for the Juniors (11+).

How many parents do you expect to see supporting or checking on their children?

Usually the parents drop their children off and then collect them at the end. Some parents stay but not many. Most of them will stay for the first 10 minutes of the session then turnup 10-15 minutes before the end. The few parents that may stay will either sit on the benches overlooking the courts or on the balcony above the clubhouse.

How many courts do you plan to use?

We will be using 4 courts during the holiday period. Those courts are the 2 hard courts and the block of 2 astro courts. This leaves the block of 5 astro courts available to club members. If in the event of courts not being utilised, we will have the option to use them, but if members come along to play, we will cooperatively reduce our usage accordingly. I have also spoke to Phyllis who runs a very busy and successful Wednesday morning sessions and she is very happy with this arrangement.

What other club facilities do you envisage using?

We will need to access the toilet facilities if required but this can be done via the main entrance. The other areas we will utilise for lunchtimes and physical work are the recreation room located upstairs and Scout hall across the road.

What plans do you have for the placement and control of children awaiting training or in poor weather?

When players turn up, they will go straight on the courts to register and stay there until the session begins. In the event of poor weather, we have off court activities e.g. videos, which can be done up stairs in the recreation room. We also have the use of the Scout hall across the road to continue indoor activities.

Early drop off and late pick up are being offered - some children could be at the club from 8.30am to 5.30pm. This is a very long day. Additional activities to occupy the youngers will be needed - how will this be managed?

This is used by few people, for example week 1 has only 2 early and late finishes. Activities depend on ages and their wishes, but include continuing to play tennis; reading and storytelling; drawing.

Who will ensure that the facilities are kept in good order for use by members?

Summer Camp attendees will be restricted to the use of the toilet facilities and upstairs room only, with the exception of Tennis Works staff who may access the kitchen to fill up water bottles. We have arranged for daily cleaning of the toilets at approximately 3pm each day.

How do you see all this activity interfacing with routine tennis at the club?

There should be no disruption to the current routine tennis at the club. Obviously the camps will be running at the same time as the other activities but we hope that the careful planning and consideration that has gone into the logistics will ensure that current club members will continue to enjoy the club as they have always done while attracting more players and members for the clubs tennis and financial development.

Do you see this type of programme being rerun during other school holidays?

After this summer we will be able to analyse the operation, seek member input and assess whether it has been a success or not. I hope that this format will continue during all holiday periods with the blessing of the club committee.

What will happen if a child has an accident? Will any claim arising from negligence be taken out against the club's Public Liability Insurance?

Tennis Works has Public Liability Insurance of £10 million and Employers Liability of £5 million. In addition all Tennis Works Coaches are LTA Licensed with full Public Liability Insurance also.
Should any claim arise from negligence it would naturally be against whomever it was felt was responsible, this could of course be either Tennis Works or the Club.

Are there qualified first aiders on the staff of Tennis Works?

All Coaches are First Aid certified and approximately 50% of our Assistants are. We have more than enough people able to administer first aid should, unfortunately, the need arise.

Will Tennis Works advise parents that they should use the public car park and not create problems outside the club gates?

Drop-off, pick-up and registration procedures are circulated to all parents immediately before the course. This includes requesting them to use the public car park. We cannot however ensure that they do, unfortunately!