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Lenny SchlossHugo AllenThe revolutionary ball delivery system

with Lenny Schloss (Founder and President of Billie Jean King's Eye Coach and Point of Contact Training System) and Hugo Allen (Coach and Managing Director of Connected Clubs)

Join us for this free online event on Wednesday 26th July  between 8pm and 10pm GMT

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Join us for this free Webinar entitled ‘The revolutionary ball delivery system’, presented by Lenny Schloss and Hugo Allen live from the UK.  

During the presentation, Lenny and Hugo will share with you a system which allows coaches to teach at least 40% faster than they do now. Bold words indeed, but by using Point of Contact Training and Billie Jean King's Eye Coach they will demonstrate how you can dramatically reduce unforced errors and shorten the learning process. 

The Webinar will cover the following: 
1. New sweet spot warm up drills that get the students focused and ready to play in 5 minutes – hitting 150 balls with no ball pick up and prepare for a great lesson. 
2. How to diagnose and correct technique issues in 5-10 minutes. 
3. How the 'Point of contact' system will deliver a guaranteed 20% increase in student retention. 

At the end of the presentation, Lenny and Hugo will hold an open session to allow coaches and listeners to ask questions. 

This is a great event for coaches, players and parents.

Lenny is the Founder and President of Billie Jean King’s Eye Coach and Point of Contact Training system. He is a former All American and top 10 US Pro Tour player. With over 40 years of coaching experience he has an extensive knowledge of every aspect of the tennis game. Lenny was forced to retire from the tour in 1973 with an injury and realized that he had not been able to reach his true athletic potential. Due to this he began a relentless search to find the “missing link” to playing better tennis.

After his retirement from the pro tour he owned a USTA award winning tennis academy and tennis facilities. He successfully ran a chain of tennis retail stores and has his finger on the pulse of the tennis industry.

In his quest to discover what had been missing from his game he worked with the leading eye/brain scientist at the top brain institute in America. He has also worked with a range of top motor learning, psychological and biomechanical coaching experts. Lenny has now training over 15,000 players and 700 coaches in how to use Point of Contact Training and the Billie Jean King Eye Coach. He is the tennis industry’s primary expert on Point of Contact Training.

He has now discovered the answer to miss-hits in our sport, we call it Point of Contact Training™ and has designed a Point of Contact programme to help coaches grow revenue and students to learn faster.  This solution dramatically reduces errors by increasing Sweet Spot hits by over 40% and balance by over 50%. 

Lenny believes that when your focus problem is solved, you learn faster and enjoy the game more fully. To that end, Billie Jean King and I joined forces to pursue the same vision. This has never been about selling a product. Our passion is to make a lasting difference and expand tennis around the world.

He realizes that this is an ambitious task. However, the process is now being accomplished. Point of Contact training has now been endorsed by leaders throughout the industry, is currently used in successful clubs across the world and has a nearly 100% success with users.

Hugo is the Managing Director of Connected Clubs Limited and the European distributor for the Billie Jean King Eye Coach. He has been coaching for over 10 years and has contributed to Tennis Works newsletters and presented at the British Tennis Coaches Association National Conference. He is passionate about coach development and growing grass roots tennis.

Hugo currently coaches at Ashridge Management College in Hertfordshire and on private courts around London. He specialises in point of contact training which restores balance and is the fastest way to better tennis. As a coach Hugo is sponsored and supported by Tecnifibre playing with the T-Fight DC 305.

Apart from Tennis he enjoys Squash, Skiing and has even recently taken up Spinning!

Hugo is a graduate of University College London and is an Associate Member of the Association of Project Management. In 2009 he was awarded the LTA Young Volunteer of the Year award.

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