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Intro video iconTennis Works is a tennis development and educational resource company. Our aim is to ‘inspire tennis excellence’ and provide a ‘one stop shop’ where you will find everything you need to play, coach and develop the wonderful game of tennis whether you are a player, parent, coach, tennis leader, tennis enthusiast, club official or business owner. is full of quality content in the form of videos, webinars, audio files and documents to help everyone, from two year old beginners through to professional tennis players.

We also run regular live seminars in the UK with guest presenters delivering educational workshops which are professionally filmed and edited to create premium content for the website and DVD packages. 

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TWN - Vol 3 - Issue 8 - April 2013 ImageExcerpts from our latest Tennis Works Newsletter (TWN), which is issued monthly can be seen via the links at the bottom of this page.

The TWN contains a varied offering each month from tennis enthusiasts around the world from world renowned coaches to club coaches and players.

Each month we share two tennis drills for use in coaching as well as tips on techniques and playing styles.

Josh Sapwell also shares with us, in his diary, his journey as he strives to become a professional tennis player.

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with Joe dinoffer

This event was first broadcast live on the 27th January 2014. Non members can enjoy it here.  

During the presentation, Joe imparted his professional knowledge and experience within the tennis industry to help any club, coach or business understand and appreciate the value of selling and servicing the same customer time and time again.

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Tennis Works accademy visit to Mallorca in 2012It may have been in 2012, but read about the excellent trip that members of the Tennis Works Cavill Academy had at the Global Tennis Team Academy, owned and run by Jofre Porta.

Nutrition basics for the young tennis playerRemember the Sports Nutrition Series? Well in 'Nutrition basics for the young tennis player', John Hastings offers some simple and valuable advice.

Forthcoming Webinars

Free Tennis Works Webinar Programme

Tim BlankertThe use of imagery to enhance performance

with Tim Blankert

Join us for this free online event on Monday 6th November between 8.00pm and 10.00pm BST


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Kalindi Dinoffer - Marketing Co-ordinator of Oncourt Offcourt

Register for your free space on this live online event with Kalindi Dinoffer

50 creative marketing tips

with Kalindi Dinoffer

This presentation cum workshop will cover 50 innovative marketing tips and you are guaranteed to take away at least 10 new ideas in this fast paced Webinar.

Unfortunately, Kalindi is still sidelined by health issues that limit her ability to speak and sends her sincerest regrets and apologies for having to postpone this webinar again. As she and her doctors do not know when exactly she will be back on her feet, we are unable to set a rescheduled date other than to say it will be some time in 2018 and we will keep you posted with all updates.

In the meantime, Kalindi would like to share some marketing tips from the video blog series she produces – Game Set Watch – to hold you over until the rescheduled presentation: New vlogs are released monthly and feature marketing tips from professionals in the tennis industry for tennis coaches and clubs.

Thank you so much for your patience and understanding!


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